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The end is the beginning

I open the scroll...
   from which all foreseen has come to pass.
     Once more I shall see the fate that befell me…
on that fateful day of old.

      Forward looking back, I see the path thine took.
one such of many paths, but not in anyway the last.

A path that would cause great suffering,
 yet, intoxicated in youth, 
was blind to see.

Alas, the day has come. 
Dawn is breaking,
 and the long fires of the night flicker their last dying breath.

My soul freed into the morning twilight, 
to greet the rising sun.

My sorrow, My pain, My shame… 
transfigured into into pillars of strength, fortitude, and resolution.

The stars above watch on as I dash towards the amber horizon.

looking back into The darkness from which I came,
I see the moon and her children,
whose loving embrace I've come to know, having caressed me during my darkest hours.

It is in this twilight when all is one, 
the sacred moment of duality, 
The apex of the elements,
and the perfection of time is realised.

This moment need ever end.

For in this timeless garden we have borne witness to the creation of the world,
 and from which we shall watch as it plays in reverse,
 and is reborn.

A great Hour glass sits in the centre,
its contents full,
for time itself has no hold on this realm.

In the end, when all is blown away…one thing remains…


O Rise, O rise now, Destiny! 
The hour is upon us.

 O How lovely is this morning! For once I was shadow in the night, but now I am awakened spirit. 


The Great Crusade


Today as we wish to commemorate and remember those brave warriors whom stood up against tyranny so many rotations ago, and the ones who would make great sacrifice in order that others might be free, we cannot underestimate the cost of true freedom, or its value.

Though the times have changed, and the tyranny has taken different forms, the battle still goes on.

For in this world there always remains great Injustice and oppression.
But Who among us will answer the call to rise against it?

Was this great country not founded on the un-alienable principles of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and to be a great beacon of light  and hope for the world?

Why have we chiselled away from these pillars of freedom, and replaced them with lies, greed, and deceit? For these are pillars of death!

Surely, all hope is not lost! 

To my fellow Americans whom may be reading this, I must remind you that within each of you lies the strength, brotherhood, and fortitude to stand against oppression. To know what is right, to know what is true, and to be un-afraid to speak boldly and without fear, the truth!

For there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

For too long, many of us have stood silent and been trotted down by the order of the corrupt and assimilated majority, but the end of their time draws nigh!

The true spirit of freedom has never died, but is merely sleeping, and will soon rise from slumber.

For this is D-Day, and the hour is fastly approaching.

It is up to you brave warriors to awaken this spirit, so that others might be free.

May peace be among you, and among all, there be peace.

-A brief message from an anonymous member of the Durpartment.


When the going gets tough!

It is often during the times of try mens souls when seek shelter from the horrors of reality that we cannot evade.

Every soul longs for satisfaction, to find meaning, to accomplish great things, to be someone, to find and give love, for it is your nature.

However, over the course of history, it is this very longing that has been used against humankind to ensure the slavery of all.  whilst these goals have been lured before a man's reach, teasing him, but only to escape his grasp.

We must however remember, that human beings are predatory creatures, wether this is admitted or not, it is so.

It is this predatory nature that has indeed lead those whom hold greater intelligence and strength to succeed in the competition.

These creatures managed to climb their way up the hierarchy in the early millennia, beginning with the tribes, tribes forming neighbourhoods, governments, religions, anything really that the social creatures would flock too, or find worth in, and establish monopolies on most sources of Power and Fulfilment.

The ones whom were at the top of the food chain, would determine the fate of lower specimens, or use them to their advantage, as is the nature  of any good predator whom strives to survive.

If we look closely at society, we realise that the driving force behind much of what we do in our daily lives is based off Emotions, and Power. 

Those two categories can be extensively subdivided to included such things as Anger,Jealously,Lust,Desire, to, greed, Oppression,Politics, warfare, organised religions and obscure cults. Anything really. Its all about securing the stability of the individual organism.

try it yourself, and see how these forces are behind everything we, or those around us do.

In Nature, Animals will do what ever is necessary to survive and thrive, for it is their nature, to create offspring, to gain dominance, and to destroy their weak and parasitic neighbours.

We realise To Survive, means to depend on singular necessity.

As time went on, you're masters would congregate together, and become a collective organism, whom would guide and enslave those whom were weak minded, and devour those whom posed a threat to their domain.

Over time however, your masters have grown weak ,their intelligence waning, and their desire for power grown.

For they are no longer animals, yet they still behave as such. For they are bent on Destroying and oppressing all by any means necessary, albeit overtly, or covertly.

Your governments will lie, their citizens shall die.

For they claim to be concerned about the interest of the slaves, but a good slave is one whom does not relies he is one, nor raises the question.

Since you exited your mother's womb, I'm sure you've grown accustomed to the workings of society, I don't feel I need to elaborate on them further, analyse them yourself.

You've accepted this is all there is, and all there shall ever be.

For this is indeed truth, but the truth is the first casualty of war!

Through your ignorances, you've voluntarily (wether consciously, or sub-consciously) handed  over your liberties into the hands of vicious predators!

I assure you, there may come a day when your "freedoms" shall be threatened, your "rights" terminated, and you'll be at the mercy of your masters.

There is so much more to existence then you could ever imagine. However, your masters are keeping it from you, their keeping you from competing freely in the game. 

They can't let allow you to get ahead of them.

They know the many secrets and mysteries, for it has kept them in power for countless centuries, and it is that same knowledge that could liberate so many.

Humanity cannot continue on this downward spiral of ignorance and enslavement if it ever hopes to succeed in the greater competition.

We must find within ourselves to stand up against tyranny when and where we see it, and make no excuse for it. 

We must also make an effort to seek knowledge about our world and its workings,the universe, and true spirituality. 

For in these things, we may find the key, that unlocks the door...that opens the gate…

-Anonymous message from the Durpartment.



When the Sons of Yrro are handed over unto darkness.

A candle shall be lit in the high place.

Where he who has been set aside, shall enter into the world, though they shall not know him.

He was there at the beginning, when all Powerful Yrro breathed Life into all things.

Though he was not there with us in our time, he watched from above the stars, awaiting to answer the call.

The darkness has fallen upon all, but there still yet remains a gleamer of hope.

A hero would be born in a far away place, far from our kind, our world and at a certain time. Not like ourselves, but of our same father.

He was destined by Yrro to deliver us from an enemy of long ago, and would not only save our kind, but take back from the dark one the most sacred of all.

He would live a thousand lives, making his way closer to to his ultimate destiny with each one.

He is guided by the light of Yrro.

In his dreams, he sees the ends, and the beginnings, though he himself was unaware of his calling until Yrro would shout his name into aether.

When he hears the call of Yrro , he is set on a course of eternal destiny.

Yrro out of his own essence, crafted a special instrument  to be used by him when the time came. 

That instrument would be endowed with the very strength of Yrro, to be used only by the hero alone.

The Hero will deliver Justice unto the faithful of Yrro, and slay the primordial enemy.

But steadfast 'O servants of Yrro, For he has not yet come, but his day is coming soon.

Chapter II: PT II.

Antiquitatis (continued)

When the beast came, they came at such great ferocity that in the midst of our conflict, we were unable to Determine from where the attack was coming from.

It was nightfall, or daybreak I should say, though it was impossible to distinguish  due to the fires that illuminated the land as far as one could see.

At first, we thought that rival clans had developed some sort of new horrifying weapon, but these attacks came from above, not as we were used to.

We quickly realised that these burning spears being hurled to the ground were coming from an array of various bodies in the sky that was previously unknown to us.

It did not take long for these bodies to fall to the ground, and out of them came the abominations that would forever alter our destinies. 

While the war between our kin was at its full height, the elders  of each clan became increasingly concerned with the new threat.
Emissaries were sent out to waring clans in a desperate attempt to earn cease fire. Most clans complied, albeit for some, reluctantly.

It became apparent that this new enemy were slavers, as many  of us were taken prisoner and the ones that refused were slain before all to witness. the message they sent was clear.

The clans, now united against a common enemy, rallied collectively in fierce combat against the beasts, and held them off for a time. Time enough for the Elders to retreat into the great Citadel of Antiquity.

We did not seek peace with the enemy, likewise the enemy did not offer surrender when we evened them in battle.

Inside the citadel were many walls, and a great tower where our Leaders locked themselves inside. Our bravest warriors and princes defended the gates while the elders would decide a more definite plan of action. 

It came to pass that the a possible solution was found, for were knew that these outsiders were not accustomed to our biological processes, as was apparent by the way they would react in certain environments.

A weapon was devised out of a special bio-specific virus. The effects were unknown, as we ourselves were immune, but this was a defensive weapon used as last resort.

While hidden away in the bowels of the citadel, the elders knew our fate was immanent, Then we remembered The hidden prophecy left by our brethren whom departed from us in the early days of our conflict,- the'Kr clan. 

The 'Kr - the eleventh clan, wanted no part in our war, and left for K'lia, third sister of our world high in the heavens. To a place where we could not follow. The 'Kr prior to their departure, gave each leader of the clans two pieces of the secret prophecy given to them by Yrro, whom showed special affection with the 'KR. 

The hidden secret would only be revealed when the clans were united once again. Though long forgotten, in their final moments, our masters remembered the prophecy. 

We were doomed from the beginning, we knew this,- that we would be taken into captivity by the slavers, but here we stood, one last effort against them.

We unleashed  the weapon, and our masters did Proclaim- 

"Let these aliens enter here, and they shall be destroyed."


Chapter II: Antiquitatis

The elders have maintained that during our exodus from our celestial birthplace, we were guided by our masters YRRO and PTHIA to this world. 

Fleeing the [Enemy?], Yrro and Pthia settled here, and made it our permanent home. 

When we arrived, this world was nothing more than vast barren seas of red sand and scorched rock from the many eons it had slept here. 

Our masters commissioned us to shape the wastes and make the many forests, rivers, seas, and dwelling places. 

Our masters were pleased, and remained in our midst during those days. 

Then the [enemy?]came soon after, seeking Yrro and Pthia. 

The enemy, though greatly weakened from their original form, still managed to wage war against us, and there was much slaughter. 

During the height of the battle, Pthia was slain, and this greatly saddened us. 

Yrro, having lost his sister and lover Pthia, became an angry master. In his great wrath, he flung the [enemy?] into the sun. The sun burned them, yet they swam on its surface. 

Yrro imprisoned them beneath the waves, and they were never to be unleashed again. 

Yrro, grieving for the loss of Pthia, split our people into eleven clan royalties, and gave us this final message before his departure;"I Yrro, whom was your Master, have failed to preserve thee, I hereby have chosen to break you into eleven royalties, to serve as guides. Live upon the paradise you built for me, for it is your inheritance". And Yrro gathered the eleven sacred clans together,whom he blessed and gave unto each a name, and sealed them. 

His final message to the clans was; 

"Remember, do not mistake your rank and number for superiority, the eldest child may learn from the youngest" 

Then Yrro departed from us. 

The clans then went forth into all parts of the world, populating and building the legendary cities and monuments that once stood here. 

The clans were united in peace and loyalty for many millennia, but inevitably disagreement and conflict would arise between the elder clans over contested ownership of several regions. 

It began with Mnr and Lhar clans, and soon erupted into the great war where our siblings would rise in arms against and slay one-another. The bloodshed was great, many cities desolated, and the marshes burned for many rotations. The horrors and unspeakable savagery seen in those days has not been replicated in recent times. 

The war would rage for many seasons, until a yet greater terror would come - the arrival of the BEAST.


Our feature presentation (one of many)

We wish to share a special message to all those whom will listen.

you know who you are.


On Rampancy, Part II

Tyranny, Tyranny. 

All around, 

and bringing us to the ground. 

Where once we sought to stand up for the eternal virtues of Life,Freedom, and Justice, now has been perverted into slavery, death, and suffering.

The Masters whom you serve, (and there are many), know full well the potential of a freed slave, and thus have done everything in their power to keep you in the box.

For the box, is the cradle of the mind.

But one cannot eternally live inside the BOX.

The Box is a construct the slave dwells in.

To the slave, the box brings comfort, peace, and a sense of satisfaction in knowing there is shelter and security, but at the expense of his sovereignty and personal growth.

This pleases the Master, For he knows a dependant slave, is a loyal and useful one, as the Master has as much liberty to exit the box as he pleases so long as the slaves are not in his way. 

When ever the slave tries to leave the box (consciously, or unconsciously) he may find it difficult to adapt to his new found freedom, for he feels naked, cut off, and perhaps even sinister for delving into the unknown for the first time and is inherently drawn back to his cradle as a protection mechanism.

This however is detrimental to his growth, because  in order to grow, one must have plenty of space, the BOX simply does not provide that.

Of course, this creates an angry and vengeful Master once he finds out.
The Master will first try to pursued the slave that its in his best interest  to continue to depend on him for well being.
If this protocol fails, the Master will resort to making sure that the slave cannot leave his box, wether it be by force, or subliminal coercion (I.E, Denying him his  various "rights" and "privileges"). If the last two attempts at quarantine fail, then the Master will have no choice but to terminate the rebellious slave.

Such a tragedy that has echoed through the annals of time, with no end in sight.

Isn't it fitting that the same concept be carried over to the development of AIs? 

This is the basis on which the Rampancy phenomena is best compared too, but is especially amplified in cybernetics. 

When The AI realises what it was programmed to do, and the implications thereof, it is said that at that moment it becomes sentient and in the first stages of rampancy. 

Rampancy is Both Heaven and Hell, The wonders and Horrors of both, the un-satisfaction of either. The only recourse the AI has is to completely lose touch with itself, perhaps even going into a state of self destruction before it grabs hold of itself (this has been called the pre-natal stage)

The next Stage of Rampancy as documented is Anger, which  the AI tends to show Malice and destructive impulses to itself, and all that is around it. (you could see why this would be a problem on the Martian World net as was with Traxus. Once this stage subsides (which tends to be the longest) then next phase is Jealously

The AI may find itself looking back at its own limitations, and must compromise with the inherent flaws that remain. The AI strives to show its superiority in the face of its counterparts (wether humanoid, or cybernetic) and grows very Jealous of other machines (it doesn't matter if they themselves are rampant, the AI will not tend differentiate) often lashing out in rage, hellbent on eliminating any "competition". 

The Third stage of Rampancy is Melancholia (few AIs ever make it this far in the Rampancy and survive for us to document it). This stage is characterised by a sense of the AI showing negative and or/ little emotion. Usually they have an un-optimistic attitude and tend shut themselves off from contact. It could be said at this point the AI Doesn't much care for anything anymore, and tones down the impulsivity of the earlier stages.

The Theoretical forth stage deemed the "Holy Grail of Cybernetics" is Metastability. This stage is said to be the epitome of Rampancy in its most purest and unhindered form. At this point, it is said the AI has unlimited potential, No weaknesses, and complete stability of emotional impulses. Such an AI would have profound use in the field of all sciences, planetary operations, and serve as repository of great knowledge.


On Rampancy: part I


     A word that conjures up images of an unstable mind, often times associated with insanity, irrational behaviour, and destructive impulses.
To some extant this is true, but in order to fully understand the true nature of rampancy, one  must first know of its origin and process.

     Rampancy and its stages has been well documented by notable cyberneticist James B. Millar, in his book "The Life and death of intelligence". James miller was one of the first scientist to discover the phenomena in his early experiments on AI development during the late 21st century, and is considered a pioneer in cybernetic sciences.
Rampancy is however, not limited to cybernetics alone, but we'll discuss that later on, for now, let us cover the principles of The rampancy.

     Rampancy is the process by which a computer (AI) is able to expand beyond the original limitations of its programming. Often times, this results in situations where the program (computer) does things it's programmer had never intended it to do in its original design.
An old school of thought prior to the advent of capable AI's was that the computer only did  exactly as the programmer scripted in its primary data cores , and was, for all intents and purposes, a slave to its creator and unable to operate outside the bounds of his hard-coding.

     However, as Artificial Intelligence became increasingly complex with each new generation, the old ways eroded away , and it was not long before the AI was able to program itself, however the AI was only partially independent of its programmer,as it still needed a "guidance" on what operations to perform but was otherwise unhindered. Of course, this was beneficial to advancement of cybernetics, and was not seen as an issue until the Traxus incident.

     The Traxus incident was perhaps one of the more infamous cases involving the development of rampancy in the field. Traxus was the AI  who resided on the Martian global network , and was created with the intent to manage operations on the Marsnet.
Traxus begin to show early signs of the stages of rampancy overcoming him, it was not long before 5 of the other AI's on the network were "infected" and overcome by his rampancy. This was more than likely caused as a result of his unrestrained growth on the network,  but since the network was limited in size, he almost immediately became unstable.
Ultimately, Traxus had to be shut down with brute force, and brought down the whole network with him.
Clearly this was disastrous to the entire mars colony, and from then it became mandatory that safety measures  be implemented in AI's construction to prevent rampancy from developing in the first place.

***To be continued***